Our team.

Talent, experience, and agility.

We put together a team that's truly customized and uniquely suited to each project that we work on. 

Drawing on our deep roots in the industry, we work with an extensive and diverse group of trusted talent: producers, sound designers, and mixing engineers.

Our roster includes award-winners, iTunes chart-toppers, and some of the most creative people in podcasting.

Our founders.

Arc was founded by Alex Kapelman and Rose Reid.

Together, they have over 15+ years of experience in the podcast industry: developing and launching shows, designing PR and distribution strategies, and building dynamic teams.

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Alex Kapelman


Alex is the host and executive producer of the critically acclaimed podcast, Pitch, and an adjunct professor at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at NYU. 

He has produced content for WNYCGimlet, KCRW, and Audible; his audio work has been featured in publications like The AtlanticNew York Magazine, and BuzzFeed; he has been tapped as a contributor to NPR; and he has been highlighted as an industry thought leader by WIREDMashable, and Apple.

Alex serves on the board of directors of AIR, the premier worldwide platform for radio and podcast talent.

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Rose Reid


Rose Reid is a New York-based podcast consultant and producer, with an advertising background in branded entertainment and commercial production from Ogilvy & Mather.

Rose was one of the first 30 hires at the award-winning narrative podcast company, Gimlet Media, where she launched & produced Gimlet’s first weekly show, Sampler.

Currently, she is the lead consultant for SiriusXM's podcast development, Spoke, and is a reoccurring host & producer for the two-time James Beard Award-winning podcast, Gravy. She is the executive producer of the newly re-launched Movember Podcast.

Rose and her mom co-host Details Please, a show about Millennial vs Baby Boomer points of view on current events.

Rose also launched, produced, and contributed to Dean & DeLuca's branded podcast Prince Street (CNN named it the top food podcast of 2016). Her work has appeared on Science Vs, Maeve in America, Burnt Toast, & the BBC. She also created, hosted, and produced IBM's first podcast.

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